Anyone use the Manley Labs Mono 100's?

I have a chance to make a trade for a pair, and i like the idea of the extra power..100W in tentrode, 50 in triode...EL34 outputs. At the moment I have a Berning EA-230 triode amp and a vintage Allen amp redone by Craig and NOSvalves. I wonder what the Manley will do for me? speakers are ADS L-820 and 810, or EV12trxb's, thru a Berning TF-10 preamp.
Not exactly a perfect comparison but I used Manley 120 watt monoblocks (6550, KT88, KT 90 based) for about 2 years. I found the Manleys well constructed and laid out, easy to bias, and enjoyed the ability to switch from triode to pentode.

The sound: I preferred them in triode with EI KT90's. Superb midrange, slightly rolled off highs but emminently acceptable. Soundstaging was more deep than wide. Bass was adequate but not impressive. Female vocalist, acoustic music was so good it was distracting. Nice detail. Larger scale music was very good but dynamics are only somewhat better than average. Pentode mode rocked but lost some of the naturalness of the music. Plenty of power but a "sheen" if you will coloring the music of the artist in pentode. I ran them with B&W 802 matrix SII's and Silverline Sonatas v1.

I am currently running Atma-sphere M60 Mk2.3 and the flaws noted in the Manley's above were brought to light by these amps. The Atma's have stunning and powerful bass, natural smooth highs to edge of hearing but not edgy, and are laser fast in dynamics.

Overall Manley does make a first class product-IMO.