anyone use 2 Vandersteen subs??

I added a Vandersteen sub to my 2ce's and love what I'm hearing.

Anyone using this that can chime in on what they like or don't like. Have an opportunity to grab another one at a good price.

Thinking of adding a second one to this set up:

Rogue Cronus
Rega rp1 ortofon blue
Rega Apollo R

Mostly Jazz and 50's / 60's blues. Vinyl and CD.
Nice system!
I presume Rogue installed the internal High pass option for you.
The 2nd Vandersteen 2WQ will further smooth out your in room bass response dramatically improving transparency and clarity with the whole system playing more effortless.
Make sure you install spikes in all units, bubble level
both subs then tighten.
Level your main speakers side to side then tighten.
Next do your 2CEs tilt back procedure,use a laser to confirm speakers are equal by placing laser on top of speakers Aim on wall behind your chair and adjust speakers back spikes so that both laser marks land on same horizon.
Then read manual and listen, adjust back spikes for your preferred seating height.
JohnnyR Vandy Dealer
I was going to recommend a 2nd sub myself. Once again, though, Audioconnection beat me to it.