Anyone try TC Sounds for music?

I was wondering on these for music,not HT(I am sure they are fine for HT).I was curious if anyone tried?
Yeah, I currently use the 18 inch LMS5400 in a custom sealed enclosure paired with my main channels.
The output from this sub is the lowest THD and that you could find in the market. Extremely linear response, especially when EQ is applied. Very useful output at 10hz and below. It's amazing to see a sub move, hear nothing but your room. It helps create a sense of alarm and adds such amazing depth to music.
After using this sub, I would never run a strict 2ch setup unless this sub is being crossed over (what I do). It's not the same and never will be, this is true proof that music isnt ALL about hearing, but also about the feeling.
Many people in DIY forums are building enclosures for this sub.

IMO it's most amazing sub, (yes even better than the JL/Paradigm offerings)
thanks Docks
I was looking at this sub.I was in the midst of 2 Aura 18's when the seller sold them on me while at work.Now I am moving on.What is your cabinate volume?Do you use1 or 2 and with what for power?
Amp is EP4000 (Behringer based on QSC spec) - below 1% thd at over 2000 RMS. This sub can take 2500 RMS with upto 8000watt peaks. It is nothing short of amazing.

I use the DCX2496 as the XO and use a 2nd order L-R EQ at 20hz to create the natural rolloff of the sealed driver.
Cabinet volume is 100L which enables the LMS to preform quite nicely in a smaller sealed enclosure.
Baltaic Birch was used to push the resonant cab frequency above the woofers operating range.
That said if you choose ported you will need a MASSIVE enclosure for this drive.
It's quite possibly the best sub driver in the world at this moment, IMO it should have a sealed enclosure with a bit of EQ to make it linear.
UN f**king real
The guy that said the Aura's were sold has them in a auction here...that is wrong,he lied to me and backed out of the deal after all my work
Sorry Docks
how do you like the amp?I will use a Krell for all my bass and a Bryston 10bLR for a crossover
McIsound If you use the TC Sounds you will not miss the Auras. The EP4000 IMO is a fantastic amp, and will drive a 4ohm load bridged too. This am measures extremely well (I've seen it bench tested vs other amps). The only problem with it that the fan is pretty loud. I've been looking into a method to reduce the fan noise.
I've had a smaller company in Canada called "funkywaves" to build the enclosure for LMS5400.