Anyone Tried Raymond Cables??

Just wondered if anyone out there can give me their 2 cents worth on the sound of the these cables, in particular the SACD set of cables.

Thanks much!
Hello...I have a 1 meter pair of Raymonds silver tinned IC's and a 15' pair of his 10 ga. speaker cables with the 45 degree locking connectors along with a biwire set of jumpers...all I can say is that they all are very, very well made with what looks like, all premium materials. I can't compare them with alot of others, but I can say that they are very neutral and dynamic sounding. It would appear that you get alot of bang for your buck with his cables...good luck!
I have also used Raymond cables; bi-wire speaker, component video, analog IC, fiber optic, and AC power. Not only am I quite pleased with their quality and performance, but I have found John to be a very genial fellow with a genuine interest in his customers' satisfaction. I can't compare them with any "ultra-high-end" cables, but I have been very satisfied with my dealings with RaymondCable.

Neil Weiss
I had them build a 15' 20amp power cable: quality materials, well-built, and excellent sound--especially for the price. Certainly worth a try IMHO.
Why in the world would there be a "special" cable for SACD? Is there another one for DVD-Audio players? Sounds like marketing hype to me...