Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?

I have been experiencing ringing in my ears and think I may have it. Any recommendations?
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there's a new thread telling about something new with Tinnitus that's in the news. Check out the new thread on it.
Avoid loud noise from here on is number one on my list. There's a vitamin (lipoflavanoid) that's supposed to help, I can't say it did anything for me. An ENT friend of mine read a paper suggesting a metabolic cause with regard to calcium ions moving across the cell membranes as the nerve cells in the inner ear repolarize, which may explain why my tinnitus is more pronounced after exposure to loud sounds. High sodium intake was suggested as a cause by an audiologist, although I can't say that was much of an issue for me. Of course avoid any aspirin or NSAID compounds. They absolutely cause tinnitus. Allergic congestion will cause tinnitus. I had a bad tooth that caused my ears to ring, see your dentist. Once the tooth was fixed, quiet again.
Interesting reading.
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