Anyone seen the Pixel Magic hdd unit?

This might be a pretty nice source when mated to a small LCD screen
Hmm maybe this belongs in the digital forum...
I took a look at the owners manual. One major problem it does not support any lossless compression formats. That's a deal killer. Too bad, it is a good approach.
I thought it supported wav files! Well that does ruin it now doesn't it.
It does support wav. My problem is that it does not support lossless compression. I prefer FLAC because of the metafiles. Also, 500 GB is just enough to hold my current CD collection if it was in WAV. If I have to connect to a computer I might as well use the computer. I was hoping find something that works with more robustness than a computer based system, with all annoyances and frustrations involved with keeping computers running right. I love my SqueezeBox and Slimserver the 90% of the time it works right. The other 10% of the time I am ready throw it out the window.
I don't think you need a PC to expand your storage. You can hook it up directly to a small NAS hard drive setup.
I understand though about the FLAC especially if you've already started ripping. I personally haven't really ripped anything as of yet so I'd get a fresh start. The one thing that might be pretty cool is the fact that I can hook it up to a flat panel display and use it as an upscaling dvd source.
Anyway thanks for your input on this,