Anyone read the Chord Dac64 review in HFNRR yet?

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Has anyone read the Chord Dac64 review in July's HiFi News and Record Review? I'm curious as to how the review compares with that in Stereophile, where JA damned it with faint praise. Could you summarise the HFNRR review for me please? HFNRR won't appear on the newstands here in Singapore till next month.

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This off the top of my head as I don't have the review in front of me-I'll put more detail later if I still have the mag.
Basically it backed up similar reviews without being as ecstatic about it as Hi-fi +(Jimmy Hughes apparently takes his to bed with him) was saying it was a very good performer at it's price range.
I haven't read the Stereophile review so I can't comment.
Again my own impression which I formed from the review (it's some 3 weeks since I read it)is that the intial reports that this DAC was something really really special seem now to be tempered as "merely" being amongst the best at it's price range.
I'll have a look for the review and update it later.
Hope this helps in the meantime

I have read Andrew Harrson's review on the DAC 64 in the July edition of HiFi News. He said: “In conclusion, I’d put the Chord DAC 64 into a reference class for its decoding style and subsequent treatment of music. It’s not its lushness and smooth ride that make it a winner, but the way it threads the route of musicality and natural timing.”

I don’t know about you, but, I get the impression the HiFi News review of the Chord 64 DAC is very favorable. The Stereophile review is definitely not. Makes you wonder who is right?

I've binned my copy but Marcus has summed it up anyway.
FWIW in the UK the reviews have been very good overall only Hifi Choice stating that there are other components that beat it at the price range.
Certainly a unit I'd personally like to hear....