Anyone own Innersound Speakers?

Are they as awesome as I am reading? Can anyone give a direct comparison between ML? Particularly the Eros MKII...the integrated amp/x-over is interesting.
I neither own nor sell either Martin Logans or InnerSound speakers (though I do sell InnerSound amps). I sell a rival brand - Sound Lab. But, I'm a fan of electrostats, so let me offer a few comments.

The Martin Logans are better looking and give you a wider sweet spot (though it's still fairly narrow). If you opt for Martin Logans, it's important to get the right size speaker to match your room.

The InnerSounds have better clarity but a small sweet spot. The InnerSounds can be adjusted to sound very good in just about any room, which in my opinion is quite valuable. And, I really like the nice, tight transmission line bass you get from an InnerSound speaker.

I'd suggest that if you're a hard-core audiophile who listens alone, the InnerSounds make the most sense. If your plans include multiple listeners, you may be able to make the InnerSounds work, but the Martin Logans start to make more sense - just be sure to have a competent dealer advise you on matching the right size speaker to your room, or else you could end up with the bass either too strong or too weak.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Welcome to the world of electrostats!
I have to agree with what Audiokinesis has said but would like to add a couple of thoughts. I have owned both the original Eros, and now, the latest version of the Mk-II. In my view, the latest Mk-II integrated preamp/active crossover/bass amp is a huge asset to the system. It provides 600 Watts per channel to drive each 10" woofer, along with a quality active crossover, as well as manual and remote control of volume, and bass to midrange contour. It has separate low bass and upper-bass/lower midrange controls, so it is possible to achieve a very good balance in the majority of listening rooms. You can easily adjust the volume plus the bass and midrange balance on the fly from your listening seat for any recording you play.

The unit now handles up to 10.5 volts of input signal before overloading. This will let you run in almost any source without fear of overloading the input stage. Best of all, this current version is exceedingly transparent and allows your associated equipment perform to its maximum capability. To me, this is a huge advantage over the comparably priced ML offerings. If you only use one sound source, you don't even need a preamp -- just run it straight into the crossover amp and sit back and enjoy.

Even the universal learning remote is cool -- so far I have programmed it to operate my Parasound CD transport and 4 other components (receiver, VCR, DVD & TV) in my Home Theater system. Not only is the sound quality of the Eros Mk-II system among the best available, its user-friendly features are very easy to appreciate.
I heard the Innersound speakers at the Stereophile show last month. They sounded amazing. They have a very open 3 dimentional sound and the bass was really good. The person above, said they use a 10 inch woofer. The ones i heard, used an 8 inch woofer.
I have owned a pair of ISIS and a pair of EROS for a few years. While the sweet spot may be narrow, as it will be for any ESL's, it is plenty big enough for two :-)

The transmission line design gives the speakers much better bass response/accuracy than any ML's that I have auditioned (which is just about all of them).

You won't find a nicer, more knowledgeable person to deal with Roger Sanders. I have seen this theme from every owner that I have ever seen write about their experience with Innersound. Great support and service!

Little known facts - Did you know that Roger Sanders invented the curved ESL panel?
I own a pair of Eroses, and they are nothing short of fantastic!!! I auditioned a pair of ML Quests and while the midrange and treble were close, the Innersound bass response is superior to the ML. The reason is the crossover amp, and the transmission line design. It is a 10" woofer as measured from the outside edge of the cone. 8" on the inside. THe bass is tight, deep and LOUD. You won't be disappointed.

While the sweet spot is on the smaller side -- intentional per the deisgn -- once you have them setup properly, the sound, imaging, clarity, accuracy and soundstage in the sweetspot are absolutely amazing.

Roger Sanders is a very personable and knowledgeable designer. He is very helpful on the phone, and his advice is very down to earth.

I can't think of a better speaker bargain out there. These speakers are highly recommended.
Some one please remind Mdom about the importance of proper amp for electros. I've heard the midsize ML's hooked up to a big Krell and they sounded great, except the bass was not too good. Then i heard the ML Ascents at a friends house hooked up to Conrad Johnson tube mono blocks. Played classical and R&R, horrible! I think Innersound has a at home trial basis thing. That's probably best. Shipping will be expensive, but worth it. It'll cost about $150 UPS to ship back.
I own the original eros. When I bought them, I took them to my favorite high end shop to do an a/b with the ML requests. While comparable in the midrange and treble (with the ML's midrange slightly recessed in my opinion), the bass of the eros surpassed the ML in every respect - it was quick, tight, deep and seamlessly integrated with the panel while the ML was slow, loose and just didn't seem to integrate well with the panel. I believe this is due to the transmission line woofer that the eros uses. The only trade off with the eros is the narrow sweet spot (a conscious design choice by Mr. Sanders)- which is actually large enough for two people. If you would like to read more, there is a good thread called a tribute to roger sanders and innersound which contains a longer description of the eros and many customer comments. The bottom line - I really love my eros and am going to keep them but upgrade them to the mk3's. But, as I always say, your ears are the ones that matter - so listen to the choices out there and see what you like. - Scott
Anyone in NYC with these speakers?

Call Roger Sanders ( I'm not sure about NYC, but he told me on the phone he has some dealers in North Jersey.

Good luck.