Anyone listened to Clearaudio Master Innovation?

Anyone had extensive listening experience with the Clearaudio Master Innovation table? What are your impressions? Thanks.
I believe member Rockitman has one. He posts more frequently in the What's Best Forum these days, it seems, so check over there.
Thanks Wrm57. He did mentioned a few things about the Master Innovation when he just got it. But I wish he could be more detailed in describing the performance of this table.
I have been using it for 3 months. In combination with
Kuzma 4p and Clearaudio Goldfinger. Hard to describe the sound since it is very neutral, but in a musical way. Organic sounding with extended freq extremes - but this is also related to the whole combination and some investment in a proper set up. Also very low noise. Joy to use. Have been a bit reserved before buying Clearaudio since my perception was that their turntables are too analytical. But now I just love the combination.
Thanks for your input. You have a very good analog front end.

How do you compare with other tables you owned in the past. Is the Master Innovation a bit on the lean side?

I have been more in Nottingham Analogue camp, having owned two of special versions from late Tom Fletcher. I am also big Harbeth fan. So none of the mentioned brands can be associated with leaness, which I have always trying to avoid. With this I am trying to give you the context of my sound reference which is a bit (really only a bit) on warm, organic side. But in last years I have been trying to push my reference in balancing openess and natural warmth.

Clearaudio absolutely meets my criteria and it is not lean. But it is really system depending (arm, cart, cable, phono pre). I am totally satisfied only after setting up vta by ear (hughe difference) and buying ARC Ref 2se. Before ARC I have used Tom Evans Master Groove, which pushed my sytem towards analytical sound...

What you can clearly hear with Master Innovation, compared to my previous references, is silence (black background, less distortion, more details and music), speed stability and dynamics. Maybe also bigger and more 3D soundstage but I think it has more to do with the cart.

The system, in which Master Innovation is used, is high sensitivity system, based on Avantgarde speakers, Audionote 211 amp and Audio Research phono pre. It is very musical, but also revealing, so differences can be easily heard.
Thanks for your great input. Turntable upgrade is priority and next will be phono stage. ARC Ref2se will be on my list as well.
Anyone compared this turntable to the Continuum?