Anyone listen to WADIA 921 3-box DAC at CES 2004??

Any comments about the sound quality?

A comparaison of impressions with EMM Labs gear???

I haven't, and who knows when Wadia will release it (in terms of delays). However, I would be very interested in doing a direct comparison of my Wadia 27ix/270se with GNSC mods if anyone has the EMM Labs setup in the St. Louis area. We could report our objective findings here, and settle things once and for all.

Well, if you want me to compare two separate units heard in two different sized rooms with different electronics and speakers, then I'll tell you that I thought the Meitner unit sounded warmer, more natural, and easier to listen to.

Take that opinion with a grain of salt, of course...
How were you sure that it was the Meitner if you were using different components ?