anyone listen to marching bands?

I can't help it, my blood is scarlet and grey. I love to get up in the morning with the music of the Ohio State Marching Band. The all brass monster that stomps accross the ol Horseshoe.
Maybe you had to be there.

Are there any good quality recordings out there?

Go Bucks!
Dude...or're frightening.

But, here's an idea. While not collegiate marching band, Drum Corps International recordings may quench your marching band Jones.

Have fun.

Absolutely no doubt about enjoying the marching band
Usually on the weekends it will be playing on FM and the wife and I enjoy it, static and all.
This album is the real deal! You better have a system that can handle it though!!! I love it, great fun!
I'm not scary. I am just inthusiastic.

The sound of a good military style marching band is very powerful. Both in the size and volume but also the images and feelings it connects with.

I would like to find a way to replicate the live experience in a recording, but am not sure if it can be done.

I will check out the Drum corps stuff, but would love to be able to find a O.S.U. band CD.

The songs and the sounds are one of a kind.

I only listen to this music on Saturday during football season, or if I want to get things going in the morning.
I can almost feel and see the people behind the instruments as they play the music. A lot of hard work is involved with being a band member.....quite enjoyable listening.
Osu_buckeye, no malice intended with my comment. I should've followed it with a "smile".

Here's a CD:Ohio State University Marching Band:On The March, Vol. One .

Volume One! That means there has to be more!

It was all in good fun. No malice on my side either.

There are several CD's that are out there, but most are not quality recordings.

Many are taped from live open air performances.
Thanks for the link.
Yeah, them batton twirling chicks are something. Aren't they?
I have an old record of a fine marching band playing college fight songs, titled "Hail to the Victors", but I guess that wouldn't interest you! UM, class of '72! Go Blue!!
I think an audiophile recording of the OSU band is a tough request, but you may get lucky and find one.

I still think checking out one of the elite DCI drum the Blue Devils, might pay off sooner. Several of the older, elite corps have pretty substantial recording libraries of their own music in addition to competition recordings. I'd think some of the corps' own recordings might have been done indoors...and perhaps in a studio.

It'd be worth checking out: Concord Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cadets, The Cavaliers...among others.

The best recordings I've heard of music a marching band might play is Frederick Fennell,conducting the Eastman Wind Ensamble. In addition to things like Souza marches,they play much of the literature you might hear a live band play at a good circus.
My son's High School marching band won the BOA (Bands Of America) National competition his Freshman year, and that experience endeared me to sight and sound of a "good" performing band. In fact, a recording was made of his band, and because of the 100's of times I heard the live performance, I use the CD as a reference.

With that said, get the RCA CD: "Blast". The performance “Blast” evolved from the Star of Indiana (Indiana University based, Drum and Bugle Corps). That is, a theatrical performance was produced and choreographed based on three performing sections – Brass, Percussion, and Visual/Dance. Performers are in their early 20’s, drawn from mainly the U.S. Among them, “Blast” cast members hold 41 world titles.

I received the CD as a gift, and hesitated opening it for several weeks assuming that the recording would be less than a high quality one -- boy was I wrong!

If you want an excellent recording, and one of a marching band type performance, this one is it! The performance is described on the CD front as “An Explosive Musical Experience”. From my perspective, that’s more of an understatement, than an overstatement! In fact, if you’re unsure about whether to buy the CD or DVD, if you buy just one, I bet after listening/watching, you will buy the other....Cheers….
Definitely get the Blast DVD, it's fun to watch. A friend of mine saw the group perform at the NJ Performing Arts Center and ran out to buy the DVD, which I saw at his home on a big screen with audio played over a Dynaudio Evidence Master/Levinson 33 based system.
I agree "Blast" is excellent, however on a significantly smaller scale than a large marching band like OSU.
"Digital March", Tokyo Brass Ensemble, Japanese Denon release 38C38-7027. Well recorded, great dynamics, stirring as hell.

"World's Greatest Marches", Intersound 3828, 3 disc compilation. Everything from Sousa to Wagner to Elgar to Mendelssohn. Spotty recording/mastering quality but great variety and fun.

I love a march. Marches connect to ragtime; ragtime to stride. Check it out.