Anyone know about sforzando design JL One

Can't find much info on this speaker system but I hear good things about them. Any input would be welcome
I was told of your thread at our NJAS meeting today. I own a JL-1 speaker system that has been a bit of a test bed for the designer (he's a member of the NJ Audio Society) so it's been tweaked a bit, and another member of NJAS also has a stock version of the speakers; there may not be others out there other than for the designer and the man who builds them. I love them, but they are definitely not for everyone--those who listen exclusively to pop may be disappointed. You can e-mail me and I can fill you in on them in more detail; if you live near the NYC area or are visiting you're also welcome to hear them. If you like symphonic music or well recorded small-scale classical or jazz, and particularly recordings made in very large reverberant spaces (especially choral or organ music), these speakers are excellent. They create a huge three-dimensional soundspace, go down to about 20 Hz or lower, and can sound surprisingly real with the right recordings and associated equipment.