Anyone heard the nnew Mantaray Manley integrated?

Saw the pic's from one of the audio shows. How's it differ from the Stingray? I'm curious about the "ipod" input. Anybody auditioned one?
Won't be available til Summer 2007.
I started to write a bit about what I KNEW but then got to googling and came up with this (everything you need to know for now and from the Vanimal's keyboard!):

The above link also refers to a STINGRAY MkII! This is new and hadn't seen mention of it before. Drool...
Duh Sunday, obviously I did not read your post properly. (scratching head...)
Yeah... I wondered if anyone had been to CES. Sure will be nice to see a full fledged EL34 with some of the same grunt as the little Stingray.