Anyone heard Rockport Technologies Mira Grand II

I'v heard the old Rockport Antares speakers and liked them.
These new Rockport Technologies Mira Grand II use the Skaaning carbon fiber mids and the Scanspeak Revelator tweeter with 2 10 inch paper woofers per speaker.
Anyone heard them?
There's a fairly long Dagogo review you should check out.

I heard them extensively, but only with one set of electronics. Positioning them out into the room is important. The woofers are side-firing, so you need to have some flexibility in how you can position them.

They sounded great, the only weak point at all was that they seemed to need a fair bit of power to open up. I heard them with 100 watt SET tube amps. Could have been the electronics that were lacking in guts. Positives were that they were very controlled so that they could display layer upon layer of soundstage, and could present instruments that truly seemed real with a great recording.

Hope this helps - more specifics in your question would help me give you a better answer than "yup, I heard 'em."
I'm sure they are fabulous - all their stuff is. Dependng on the deal if there is a pair available, you should weigh that versus the new Avior, which is being released within the week from Rockport. They will be $29,500 per pair - all brand new honeycomb carbon drivers ((2) 9" front firing woofers with a 6" midrange and the same berrylium tweeter as the $97k Altair) . I heard them a few days ago and they are absolutly breathtking. The only speakers I ever heard that were better at any price were Rockports bigger speakers.
Soundcomponents, now i definitely want to hear the Avior.
I just saw some pics of them.
I will have the first pair in the country in my store in Miami in about 2 weeks.
I heard the Rockport Mira Grand II speakers at Audio Vision in SF, (which
are for sale here on Audiogon - see link below), a few years ago. They
sounded very good. They did not quite have the depth in the bass
region, that the Rockport Antares have, (a friend owns a pair of those),
but they definitely sounded like they were cut from the same cloth.
(Both were highly refined speakers.) If I could have afforded them, I
would have bought them. BTW, there is another pair for sale on
Audiogon, but they are used speakers, as opposed to Demo speakers,
but they are priced lower.

Rockport speakers do tend to need a bit of power to get them to come to
life. (A friend uses the 220 wpc hybrid Lamm M2.2 monoblocks with his
Antares, and they bring out the best in those speakers. However, the
tubed 150 wpc VAC Phi 300.1 stereo amp, worked wonders with them as
well. (The VAC provided better mid-range and treble response, but the
Lamms provided quicker and deeper bass response. Six of one, half a
dozen of the other!)

However, I agree with Darkj that they do need room to breathe, due to
the side firing woofers.

My two cents worth.

>Rockport Mira Grand 2 Speakers for sale