A friend of mine has a pair of these and we are trying to fing out some info. Is this company a scam?? they have a web site but I couldn't really tell anything. Any help would be great!!thanks
If he bought them from guys in a white van, they are the scams of all time. I bought them 15 years ago and they were called Acoustic Monitors then. Supposedly $1000 each, 3 ways with 12" woofers, ...The guys in the white van were loaded with a few to many and were doing me a favor. I paid 200.00 a pair and that was to much. I hope they aren't the same deal.
About 5 years ago, I was just getting started in the high end. I ordered lit from Omni, but never even got it. I believe they had already gone out of business, but I'm not sure.
Uh oh, your friend has been ripped of. These are terrible speakers, with no cross-over, very cheap speakers and no damping foam at all. A German hifi-magazine however has designed a couple of modifications so the speakers (Omni-Audio SA 12.3) will sound a bit better. The magazine is called 'Stereo', and it's issue nummber 4, april 1999. If your friend is really interested and can't get hold of a copy, e-mail me: But to be honest, I think the best thing to do is to dump those speakers, go to a decent shop and listen to some speakers you can afford. Buy the speakers that you like best, and heee... they will even give you some kind of warranty.