A friend of mine has a pair of these and we are trying to fing out some info. Is this company a scam?? they have a web site but I couldn't really tell anything. Any help would be great!!thanks
If he bought them from guys in a white van, they are the scams of all time. I bought them 15 years ago and they were called Acoustic Monitors then. Supposedly $1000 each, 3 ways with 12" woofers, ...The guys in the white van were loaded with a few to many and were doing me a favor. I paid 200.00 a pair and that was to much. I hope they aren't the same deal.
About 5 years ago, I was just getting started in the high end. I ordered lit from Omni, but never even got it. I believe they had already gone out of business, but I'm not sure.
Uh oh, your friend has been ripped of. These are terrible speakers, with no cross-over, very cheap speakers and no damping foam at all. A German hifi-magazine however has designed a couple of modifications so the speakers (Omni-Audio SA 12.3) will sound a bit better. The magazine is called 'Stereo', and it's issue nummber 4, april 1999. If your friend is really interested and can't get hold of a copy, e-mail me: [email protected] But to be honest, I think the best thing to do is to dump those speakers, go to a decent shop and listen to some speakers you can afford. Buy the speakers that you like best, and heee... they will even give you some kind of warranty.
I have a pair of these sa12.3 speakers, they were hot (stolen) and the guy was selling them in a pair for about $250. It was on a highway in 1994 in the bed of some guys truck. We still have them to this day and they kick ass. So I don't know what you guys are talking about when you said they're garbage. They're 200 watts at 12 ohms and have such loud bass that our whole house shakes. We may have gotten a legit pair and they still play like new today. Although, the cover for the front of one speaker broke the 4 nubs off and now it just doesn't have a cover. The subs are still there and are made of Kevlar so I think the shady guy might have sold a demo pair that were made for show and selling to gullable buyers. They are a rare set and pretty much the only good pair in the United States. We also hooked up a marantz receiver ($1.5k) and they sound better than ever. Whatever though, it was a great deal anyways