Anyone heard Audio Magic Illusion 4D Speaker cable

I am in the market for new speaker cables. My system consists of a Levinson 334 amp, Magnepan 3.6 speakers, ARC LS15 preamp, Meridian CD player, Meridian 504 tuner and Audio Magic XXX line conditioner. I have Silversmith Audio silver interconnects and really liked their speaker cables but they were not practical for my setup (the cables will be in an area that will see some foot traffic). I listen mostly to jazz and blues with some Pink Floyd, Allman Bros., U2, Van Morrison... I am looking for speaker cables that are accurate and detailed. I need a 6 foot run and max budget is $2500. Thanks
I forgot to mention that I currently have Speltz anti cables (best bang for the buck) and have auditioned Synergistic Research Resolution Reference (disappointing), Transparent Ultra (too warm/sweet) and Acoustic Zen Hologram II (very nice but not quite on par with the Silversmith Audio Silver speaker cables). I am looking for something similar to the Silversmiths and thought that the Audio Magic Illusion 4D cables which are also silver ribbons might do the trick.
I have not heard the Illusion 4D but have recently purchased the Clairvoyant 4D interconnects and they are very good. Audio Magic makes only silver cables and they seem to really know how to do them right.