Anyone heard Ashkenazy SACDs?

Has anyone heard the Ashkenazy SACDs put out on the Exton label by a company called Octavia Records? Most of them (so far) appear to have been recorded in DSD in 1999-2000 with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. I am looking for opinions of the performances...
and if anyone has other SACDs to recommend, please do not hesitate (my tastes are eclectic so outside of classical welcome as well)...
Thanks, Travis
Have not heard these, but the new SACDs from Red Rose Music are excellent, recorded from the master tapes (30ips) with DSD (Red Rose = Mark Levinson). It's just a question of whether you enjoy the selections chosen for this first group of releases. They are compatible only with SACD players - they are not hybrid. They are available from the Red Rose web site.
Thanks Jdh9, I will check them out... I got Ashkenazy SACD of Richard Strauss' Don Quixote with Mischa Maisky on violoncello and quite like it. Any other suggestions out there?