Anyone have experience with Running Springs Audio

I placed a post earlier regarding power conditioners in general. I referenced specifically PS audio. I got to admit the reviews were somewhat positive, but definitely mixed.

I just read a several articles and reviews about Running Springs Audio's Haley, etc. Any input?
I would like to point out that I am a Running Springs dealer but would like to offer some information about this product.

The Running Springs is truly a unique power line conditioner. The company philosophy is that you should hear your equipment, not coloration and flavor of your PLC.

Most of the components of the RSA products are proprietary. The capacititors and dog-bone shaped inductor was designed and is built by RSA (not over the counter parts assembled like many other PLC’s). The parts were designed specifically for this product and are built “in house”at their California facility. The internal “star” wiring is of Cardas Golden Ratio. Many other PLC’s use a bus bar technique. The bus bar can act as an antenna picking up airborne RF/EMI. For this reason, RSA decided on “Star Wiring.” It is a passive system which is non-current limiting. If you put 1800 watts into it, it deliverers 1800 watts to your components. In addition to it’s high filtration rate, it also voltage stabilizes. It constantly monitors the inbound current and internally adjusts for dips by supplying the additional voltage from its bank of capacitors. It can maintain a constant voltage for up to 3 seconds (which is an eternity in the power word). Spike protection is provided by an RSV and high current protection is provided by a resetable circuit breaker. Even the outlets have been modified and are specific to the Running Springs. You will not find any LED's, lights, meters or switches. These items only add color or interference into the system and the designer decided it was best to omit them.

The RSA conditioners are designed to accept every component within your system, including your power amps. They are non-current limiting and non-coloring.

This is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
it works great with my tube amps, cd player, and tv. it truly is non-coloring and lowers noise by 98% compared to plugging my amps into the wall. but my nyc apartment has very polluted power to begin with. the haley is a great value in my opinion.
I use a PS Audio P300 for my sources and will continue to do so. However, I did some additonal research on this subject and decided I am going to buy the Haley for my amp. I currently use a Chang Lightspeed for the amp, but have been impressed with the Running Springs technology. A friend of mine is a dealer for them and feels they are a worthwhile investment. In addition, I was impressed with Shunyata, and think they have a good product.
Good info from all. thanks. I live in a rural area so I don't have access to dealers. This input from actual users in invaluable!!
I had a Haley in my home for some time and found it quite excellent with lowering noise floor and improving the timbral qualities and overall sound reproduction. After trying several PLCs, I ended up with an Exact Power EP-15A, as it worked a bit better in my system, but it was almost twice the price of the Haley.

All in all, given the prices of comparable products, IMO the Haley is a great product at it's price and well worth an audition.
I have the Duke and Danielle in my McIntosh and Marantz Reference system. `They are a wolf in sheeps clothing` as Dan at Dedicated Audio states. Used with dedicated ac circuits and good receptacles my system took own a new life. They are a wonderful addition to my system.

Happy Listening