Anyone have any info on new music servers coming out soon ?

Looking for a sub 3k music server in the coming months . Am aware of Aurrender , Salk, Oppo , Wyred4 sound , Bryston , Bluesound, . Any others I should be aware of ? Just looked at Shitt's website hoping they have one . But not yet ? Exogal would be a good company to make such a product as well . Any insider info out there or manufacturers coming out with a server soon looking at this ?
See my post here... All of these companies will be offering a dac/streamer of some kind very soon (with MQA). As you will see, many already have but should add more unless MQA does not survive, (but I think it will). BTW I like Shiit Audio, I have the Bifrost Uber. But I think they have stated they will not incorporate any MQA into their audio boxes if that is of interest to you.
You should take a look at our Facebook page... you might see something interesting there!
Innuos makes some really nice & well reviewed units. The Zenith models operate as a Roon core also, making a great all-in-one solution.