Anyone have any experience w/ the Sony VPH1272Q?

I have a chance to buy a Sony VPH1272Q CRT projector from Sony's profesional line. The problem is that I know very little about projectors. I was hoping someone with knowledge in this area can tell me if it is a good projector and what is a fair price?

Any details you could offer would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Check out the CRT forum at - hundreds (maybe thousands) of posts about this family (12xx) of projectors.

I have a 1252, and think it is a great pj for the $. Price varies greatly based on condition of CRTs; $2500 would be tops for a perfect model w/ new tubes - they typically sell for around 1500 (give or take) on the used market, but prices have been trending down w/ the economic downturn.
Check with Curt Palme
E-Mail He is one of the top sellers of used CRT projectors in North America.Type in "SONY VPH" on E-Bay's search engine and his name should come up on a few listings .
Hi MJAudio, I was wondering if I could get your email address or phone number to pick your brain on some different amp choices I'm considering. It seems like you've had quite a few. I have one item listed for sale so if possible just send me a question on the item with your email. Hope to hear from you soon as I'm close to pulling the trigger on an amp.