Anyone have a copy of Muse Model 9 Gen 3 Manual?

I have a Muse Model 9 Signature Gen 3 CD player. The remote is acting up and working part time. I have changed the batterys but now the players indicator blue light is flashing like 4 times and then pauses for awhile and then repeats the sequence. The remote has been acting funny for the last week or so. It does not want to do anything right now so not sure if its the remote or I have accidently pressed a button that I shouldn't have because the player also serves as a DVD player.
My nine sig may not be gen 3, so my observations may not be relevant. The manual that I have does not mention any remote selection that would produce the blue indicator to flash. Manually, I could not duplicate your flashing sequence. Does depressing the red "release" button resume normal operations?
Rny...No it shouldn't flash at all. I think the problem is within the player. It is not recognizing the remote and starts to flash. My remote hardly works. I talked to another Audiogoner who has a Gen 3 and his remote has done the samething. He contributes it to the cold weather or low humidity. I think its static. I emailed Muse and to be honest I dont think they have a clue and will give me the run around. My remote worked once last night. The weather here has been very cold so lots of static. I even removed the remote from the room and the light is still flashing. Manually it works fine.

To answer your question, I can't release anything because the remote will not work. Where do you live if you dont mind me asking? Are you having really cold weather right now? I have never experienced this problem but have noticed in the last few weeks my remote has been acting funny.
Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

I am in Southern California, which is also the home of Muse. Mr. Halverson may not be aware of the static and humidity issues, but I am confident he will do what he can. I do know that this particular remote has become very rare.

Temperature here has been mild - upper 40s low and low 70s high, humidity at 25% today. Good luck.
Lucky you...SoCal. Us not so fortunate folks have to put up with this cold weather :(

I really do like the Muse especially at this price range. Hard to beat IMO.

Thanks for the kind words and hopefully Kevin can figure it out.