anyone familiar with Audes speakers?

A local dealer has picked up the line, and the sound very nice, and are quite affordable. I was curious if anyone has had any longish-term experience with reliability, break-in, etc...

...and of course opinions on sound =)

thx al
I recently (so long term experience is lacking) a pair of monitors (Audes 111) for a second system. Very detailed mids and highs. Unparalled build quality for the money. I noticed a substantial opening up of the sound after 48 hrs continuous burn-in. So far the bass is not very authoritative, as you might expect from a smallish monitor, but it fast and articulate what is there.
I remember a very positive review of Audes speakers in Listener (maybe a year ago). 'Don't remember the specific model, but I think it was a small, monitor-type, under $500. It looked promising -- perhaps the dealer can get a copy for you. Jim
I have the CS105 model(I think that is the model #). Very good for the price. I use them in my secondary bedroom system. Company used to make parts for Mig fighters before USSR died. Believe it or not their experience with tube gear comes from the MIG stuff. they have some very hi end models too, but I haven't heard them. They sound much better with grilles off. The grilles really muffle the bass response.