Anyone ever sold off their dream system and why?

Did you ever build up a dream audio system that for all intents and purposes was maxed out, sounded great and cost more than you care to remember? And then did you break it back down and if so, why did you leave Nirvana? I'm at the cusp and maybe since I have had so (too) much gear go through, I discover that maybe I can do it as well or almost as well for WAY cheaper. That's why I'm stuck on the pendulum. I peaked at 80K MSRP for a CD/Turntable based system. I want to do it for half somehow. Crappy transport into Tact into Kharma is breathtakingly good, the more so since it's so cheap. If it's so hard to climb the mountain, why are we coming back down?
Yes, I did, based on a divorce, the house or the stereo?
Sold a 50" Plasma, McIntosh items, MX-132, MC-352, MC-7206,
MVP-841, MLD-7020, Demodulator, a pair of MIT centers, B&W 801N's (three from the front stage of a Home Theater), a paid of 802N from rear, and a pair of Velogyne HGS-18's, not to mention loads of Tara Labs cables.

That is the bad part. However, I have come to realize, building and experimenting IS half of the enjoyment (for me) and am in the process of building again!! (::

If you go down that road, you will can make it exciting.....
OK, I have to admit, it wasn't quite my "dream" system, but it was pretty good. I had a Theta Data Basic II transport, an MSB Gold Link III DAC, a KS-2020 dig. cable, an Adcom GFP-750 preamp, and Kimber Select 1030's all the way around, with Kimber Monocle speaker cable. I did it because I had just moved to DC, my rent was $1100 per month, and the job I was supposed to have feel through. Six months, still no job...
In the past month I have torn up what was supposed to be a system to last me years. Why? I have no idea. But in the end I think that I have actually raised performance in some ways.

Old - CAL Icon MkII - AQ Topaz - CJ Premier 2 - MIT MusiChord - Adcom 585 - Kimber 4PR - B&W CDM-1SE on Lovan stands.

New - CAL Icon MkII - DAC to be named later - Classe CAP-150 - Hales Relelation 3. Cables to be replaced as I get used to the system.

I actually didn't get really excited about the changes until the components started showing up ... then I was up all night with my wife ripping through the CD racks for great stuff to listen to ... which is what this is all about.
When I was in school (way back when), I had to sell off my beautiful Accuphase P300, C-200, T-100 trio to pay for a year's tuition. While I much prefer the equipment I have now, I wish I had been able to keep it and enjoy it for a while longer.
Yes. Marital reconfiguration.