Anyone ever heard or read about JM Labs Cobalt 806

Has anyone ever heard or seen one of these? Are these the upgrade to the JM Labs Focal Cobalt 806 speakers? If no, I was wondering the MSRP on them. What they are probably worth? THanks.
I don't know whether there has been a "Jubilee" model of the Cobalt 806; if not, you're talking about one and the same speaker. Let's see if I recall the JMLab (Jaques Mahul Laboratory) story. The Focal brand initially stood for drivers sold to other manufacturers and diy kits, assembled speakers went under the JMLab brand. A few years ago, the names were joined and products marketed as Focal-JMLab which is still the company's name. For ease of reference or brand awareness, I suppose, shortly thereafter the speakers were just branded Focal. I beliebe, the discontinued Cobalt series was produced around the time of those changing names, so chances are you will find reference to different ones. I don't know your country of location, in Germany some internet sellers still offer 806s from EUR 600 upwards, I've noticed. Hope this is a bit helpful.
I own them. Well, actually, the upgrade. The JM Labs Cobalt 806S. The "S" stands for signature and added a differnet crossover, but I'm not sure what else. US list price was $1095. They have since been discontinued, and I think the profile line took over for these. I have yet to hear the profile line, but wouldn't mind getting rid of my 806's for something up the JM line.

Re The Cobalt 806 S, they appear to be are on sale for $600 - does anyone know if they are any good?

For my PC I have tried the Radio Shack for $30, Epos ELS3's for $300 and I still can't get no satisfaction.

Please advise.
They are good, but there is a lot of competition in the 600 dollar range that will compete. Keep in mind too, if you are a "normal" audiophile, you will be concerned about resale, and they could be real tough to get rid of since Audio Advisor has them for 600.

If I am buying them for $600 to begin, why should I be any more concerned about resale than I would be buying anything that wasn't used?

Re competition I would love to hear any thoughts on fatigue free monitors which could be used on the desktop.

I demoed a pair of ATC's recently which were fabulous, but more like $4,000.

Can anyone comment on the signature or character of the Cobalts?

Thank you for any ideas.
When you buy an already discounted product, resale is always terrible. Meaning, if you wanted to get rid of them, you'd have to go to the 400-425 dollar range, I'm guessing. Maybe you aren't concerned about resale, I don't know.

Paradigm Studio 20v3 is a fatigue free speaker that does many, many things well including bass response and can be had for slightly over the 600 dollar mark. Better resale, and in my opinion a better speaker (I've owned both)

As far as signature of the cobalts, I've noticed less bass than the reviews mention. The midrange is sweet and the top end is extended. I wouldn't call them bright, but they are far from nuetral as well.