Anyone compare Jadis JA 30 amps with JA 80s?

Aside from the power differential, 30 watts vs. 60 watts, are there any noticeable sonic differences?
I owned 80s and heard the 30s on a number of occasions. The power differential is noticeable, unless you have very efficient speakers. I think, with the right speakers, the 30s might be slightly better in the bass regions than the 80s, and might be slightly sweeter, but for most part I thought they were very similar, and for my speakers the 80s' extra power was a big difference-maker. Both terrific amplifiers, in my opinion, if you like the Jadis house sound. I would use EL34s or KT88s with them to get the best out of them.
Hi Rcprince!
I use JA30 for my Merlins VSM-Mx, perfect match with extra power if needed. These speakers are very efficient and easy to drive, can play very loud without breaking up.
I love the sound of these with NOS Mullards EL34 and NOS Siemens input tubes. Using this combination of tubes make as good balance I think.

Many Thanks!
Echoing Russ' post, I have two Jadis integrateds which are somewhat analogous, the DA30 and DA60. As he said, the difference in power is noticeable. And, I would put a whole lot of additional emphasis on that statement.
I have a pair of JA30 and I find them to be more musically engaging than the 80s. I would advice you to arrange an audition or a home demo before committing to such a substantial investment.
Also, bear in mind the quest for speakers will be long, as the JadisĀ“ "je ne sais quoi" will demand equally "special" speakers to properly shine ....