Anyone Bi Amping their Martin Logans

Just curious to know if anyone out there has bi amped Martin Logan's and interested in the results
ABSOLUTELY!! I have a pair of highly modified Monoliths. Bryston active crossover, Focal Audiom Bass drivers, Krell KMA 160 monoblocks for the bass and Levinson Ref 20 for the top. I'm considering tubes for the top--which I think may be an improvement. Bi-amping is definitely the way to go--but it must be active and bipass the internal crossover. This allows each amp to do it's job right. When the panel impedance dips and a drum hits--well that's just about impossible for almost any amp. Separate those to functions and life gets much better for the amps--so does your sound. By all means--if you can do it, this is truly a whole new level of performance for these speakers.
Thanks Rives. Question for you - Do I need to buy the external crossover
Some of the Martin Logan speakers do not have the ability to bi-pass the internal crossover. In that case bi-amping is still a benefit--but not as great as when you can get rid of all those components within the speaker. You definitely want to go active, which means you do need to buy the external (active) crossover. If these are for Monolith 3s then you need their crossover due to some phase variations they have built in there to make the woofer/tweeter a bit better in terms of seeming the two.