Anybody tried using Shelter w/JMW arms?

It seems impossible to use a Shelter with a JMW10.5? Has anyone tried mounting and aligning? Measuring spindle to pivot point at recommended 250mm, the cart is pushed all the way to the limit yet the stylus does not hit the desired dot.

However, using a Graham arm the screws fall in the middle thus perfect fit.

Any insights?
Yagbol2, This seems to an incompatibility with this arm and this cart. I too now have the identical situation you descriibe, and yet using the cart in its 1 mm short of perfect OH adjustment, it tracks and sounds fabulous anyway. But even with my Koetsu Urushi, it has to be placed quite near the front of the slots in order to get the proper overhang; same for the Benz Glider L2 I used to run on this set up. My conclusion is that VPI is at fault here, note that the new 10.5i arm is 12 mm longer, hmmmmm.
Hi Steve,
I recently installed a Koetsu on the new JMW10.5i and it had no problem as the stylus hit the dot using the VPI jig. In spite of the arm being 12mm longer don't forget it was also mounted a bit further.
I also mounted a Denon 103 on a Thorens TD850 with a Rega300 and the Denon also fell short using the Clearaudio alignment gauge.
I made sure the overhang is the distance specified for the table/arm combo but.....
I wonder what other carts share the same problem?
This response from the great people at VPI! I much appreciate their fast response to my questions and for corrrecting my error concerning VPI being at fault:

"The problem is the cartridge, not the arm. There
is no standard for stylus to mounting screws
distance, we set up for most cartridges that
people buy.

If the 2mm is bothering you loosen the two screws
on the dog leg and the four screws below the VTA
base and the dog leg will move and allow you to
reset the arm for the Shelter. Not that
difficult but sonically really not needed."