Anybody traded in Pass amps thru AV Logic?

I just send my X 250 as a trade in for X250,5 to AV Logic and would like to know the opinions of those who did the same thing thru them.They told me the wait is 2-3 weeks.Should i expect a longer wait.Was the upgrade worth 2 grand?Did it soundsuperior right out of the box or required a long break in period to hear the difference.I would appreciate if you share your experience with a trade in.Thank You.
Overhang,you have nothing to worry about regarding your 2000.00 investment in going for the 250.5. After audtioning the 350.5 against a Edge NL-10,you could look at my review here on the GON, the improvement over the original X-series in the new .5 series is a remarkable,not subtle,change towards the reference of real music. Nobody I have talked has not loved the sonics of .5 series! I cannot comment about how long your wait will be with AV Logic because I did not purchase my amp from them. I hope this wets your whistle as you wait for your new baby. Please let us know what you think when you finally get it.Almost forgot,my 350.5 sounded great right out of the box and just improved as the hours went by.
If you're talking about the one in Des Moines, IA; I've worked with them in the past with no problems. Haven't done the Pass thing though. They seem to be reputable folks if that's what you're concerned about.
I did the Pass upgrade with AV Logic and the only hold up was the wait with Pass, as mine was one of the first off the press. AV could not have been easer to deal with. I traded a 350 for 350.5, WOW am I happy with it. It will be worth the wait even if it is six months. Mine took about four weeks. AV Logic was good about status updates, and I felt that the trade in price was very fair.