Anybody know anything about the marantz model 15?

One of the green bulbs are burnt out. Where does a marantz romantic find a Dialco 507 3909? I also have a repair manual for this, but no parts list or exploded views. The amp works and looks like new, typical it seems for the older units. If I should encounter problems, does anybody know where I could get servive for something this old? I would be willing to ship. Thanks, everybody!
I've had mine serviced at Audio Classics. They do an excellent job and stand behind their work. I've replaced the 'green' bulbs before on my own. If you take the old bulb (the face panel pulls off) and your repair manual to an electric supply store, they should be able to help you.
What is the address, do you know? I'd like to keep them on file.
Their address is 3501 Old Vestal Road, Vestal, NY (see their website). Just an FYI - I'm not affiliated with them in any way.
Thanks a bunch! New to audiogon and hoping to learn more about the older marantz gear, which is truly becoming a passion of mine!