Anybody heard of Silent Wire?

I was at a German dealer today to purchase some audio stuff and was told I should try the Silent Wire power cables for my system.

Anyone care to comment on their experiences with this brand. I did try a search and nothing was found.
Thanks in advance,
Limited experience a few years ago auditioning their "32 series". I remember them as good and neutral. In particular, they beat the bi-wire B&W CDC16 /Kimber Select KS1010 /Audioplan S - combo I was using at that time when it came to building a nicely detailed, deep soundstage. However, for that you needed the quite expensive full "32" loom. In the end, I considered them too expensive (but hey, that notion seems to have lost a lot of its meaning related to cables and cords since then). A typical case of auditioning first, I would think.
Never heard them before...damn too silent :-))
I will get a chance to try the 32 for a home demo, at least for the sake of hearing them. I will also get a chance to try the lower cost AC series as I cannot justify spending that much on cables either, but listening to the upper end model will allow me to get hear their signature and compare that to their lower cost models.

I should get an answer in a few weeks on when the demo cables will be available. I know you are in Germany, so am I, I am located in Rheinland-Pfalz, Kaiserslautern.
Have a nice day.