Anybody heard of GZ Vinyl?

I've made several vinyl purchases recently and noticed that the vinyl is sourced through GZ Vinyl. Below are the lps I own that have this distinction:

Dire Straits "The Studio Albums" box set
Feist "Let It Die" (part of the Back To Black series)
Eels "Beautiful Freak" (the latest from UMe)
there maybe another....

The thing I've noticed is, all of the trash on the record when you first pull it out of the sleeve, after extensive cleaning, still it's obviously noisy vinyl.(slight ticks throughout).

I just want to get the word out. It seems that because of the bottom line, companies are going the this label and providing us with a sub-par vinyl formulation. There's better vinyl out there.

(Please join me in our common interest to promote quiet vinyl for everyone).

What if there was (one) high quality source for the best vinyl formulation out there that all manufacturers had to source their vinyl from. Wouldn't this be the best solution for all involved in the long run. The downside may be the it would be a monopoly industry. Maybe it could be a multi-pressing plant funded venture? Anyone interested in pressing their own vinyl would have to join the venture. But, it would serve everyone's best interests as long as they wouldn't get greedy.

Any thoughts?
I have purchased two items with in the deadwax.The first was a Frank Stokes on the Monk label.It had a high frequency mis-tracking problem that created a quite annoying screech.I returned it to soundstage direct.The second was a Shirley Collins re-ish on Vinyl Lovers label.Ditto the same problem.Sadly I purchased it out of town (at Mississippi Records in Portland Oregon).So I'm stuck with this one.The problem with mine were mastering problems,I did not play either enough to comment on the vinyl.Care to comment on the mastering? The Shirley Collins was a re-ish of her Folkways LP and I must say the SQ was not impressive regardless of mastering.Suspect excessive digital.
Went to their web site.It is totally different from a couple of months back when i looked at it in regards to the Frank Stokes LP.At that time they did not mention vinyl,it was all about CDs.Now they tout the making of LPs,CDs Books Etc.Etc.They use the finest low noise audiophile vinyl formula available in the world today.They have special software running their Neumann lathes.So apparently ,You and I,are full of Hooey.They claim to have pressed 10,500,000 LPs last year.I wish they would put their name on the outside of the Jacket,instead of the deadwax.So I could see it before I am tempted to buy it.
Casey33: Thanks for your response.

For me, I was perplexed that a release as important as the Dire Strait's box I mentioned that involved two of the most revered mastering engineers to date, and this sub-par vinyl was used. Advertisement says this box was pressed at Pallas?

That is usually a sign I can count on. Apparently, not anymore, I'm sorry to say. (Dweller), IMO, your response didn't add to the conversation.

Some of us, including me, are serious about the state of high quality vinyl.

My whole thought regarding starting this thread was to hopefully get some "thoughtful" responses?

If you'd like to expand on your initial comment, I'd love to hear that, not a blurb. I take this seriously. I spend a lot of my time and treasure, and enjoy it. Therefore, I'd appreciate a response that included your reasoning. I hope you don't take offense. I look forward to your reasoned explanation.
A plea...

Years ago, I recall posting a thread for my positive feelings about the band "The Rosebuds". I thought I was helping other in their search for music. Apparently,I was partially wrong.

One of the few responses I received was this ... "When I find a band not well known, I keep it to myself".

WOW! Why is this person on this site? Why was this person thinking that he/she was contributing to the discussion?

If it wasn't for this site, he/she wouldn't have had the medium to express those views. Also, if this person felt so strongly, why even participate at all? For if they really felt this way, presumably others would also...hence the need to NOT have this forum! WOW!
My ultimate goal, by contributing from the heart, is to leave this hobby a little better than I found it.

Slaw, man,
There is NO SUCH THING as quality vinyl.
I take more than adequate preparation and care before playing any of my LPs -and -guess what?
"TIC" "POP" "Fizzle", "FART" (O.K., maybe the fart was me).
Point is, if you're pining for a blissful play, put on a CD.

And if you don't like my comments -ignore them (please).