Any updates on the Nova Memory Player?

Just got done reading about the player again on their website - Any recent developments? - Anyone bought or heard it?
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I read it was at the RMAF.
Did anybody hear it in Colorado?
I now have the Memory Player in my system, and It will definitely take an act of GOD to get it out. There is nothing I can tell you that can explain what I had the absolute and shockingly pleasure of I hearing in the first 20 minutes and there-after. Jaw-dropping is an understatement, speechless, cannot find the one word that will do justice to my experience. Simply amazing, no more digital sound, all the harshness completely gone, vanished, poofed. I had been so impressed with my modified Esoteric P70 of which I spent close to 2K to upgrade, however the MP runs circles around it, if you had asked me a week ago, before the MP showed up, I would swear, nothing out there could touch my 2 modified digital front ends. Ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration I realize there are better, but I had been extremely pleased with my system up until that point, however I decided to try the MP, because I read so much about it and became curious and intrigued with the concept behind it. Best decision I've made in my entire audio life. Yes, there will be naysayers, well let them "nay", I'll move right along and enjoy the best component out there. IMHO (period)
"Simply amazing, no more digital sound, all the harshness completely gone, vanished, poofed."

IME, it is the rare machine made today that has a digital/harsh sound. For the most part, only machines that use electrolytic output caps have this type of sound. Otherwise, this type of sound is long gone from high-end cd playback.
Since you replied or posted comments toward my statement of harshness, let me clarify. I have heard this attribute in some CD Players, I did not have this as a major problem with my Esoteric P70/D70, however the digital sound was still present, even with the mods to include the Ultraclock one could still tell the sound was digital. Unless you have heard what the Memory Player is capable of in a dedicated system setup, then you probably will never be able to identify what I am saying. Digital IMHO, still have that ever so slight digital harsh sound.
The Memory Player has absolutely zero of this.(IMHO)
The Memory Player (in combination with Scaena line array speakers) was the best sound at HE2007. The system had uncanny resolution, along with silky smoothness & jet-black background & complete lack of strain rarely experienced with RBCD.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will be on this site
I've been there before and again tonight. I can't find it. Maybe it's there...or are you saying it "will be" there?

Look in the "Contact US" Section at the bottom
what is the msrp on the nmp?
Contact Sam

He can tell you everything you need to know about prices, specs etc.
The Nova site is one of the most confusing I have come across. A little help please. How many CD's is the basic unit supposed to retain in memory? What outputs does your unit have, single ended and balanced? If you want to play just one CD, how long does it take to read and play? Is it easy to to find discs you have read and "stored" in memory and play them? Thanks, Jim
I heard the MP at the RMAF and the sound was quite good. I could not find out, however, which MP this was. Evidentially, it had an dac within the box, but no one would tell me whether it was the 32 bit dac.

Ultimately, at CES I heard two new cd servers, the Exemplar and the Blue Smoke, that sounded shockingly good. Having been frustrated for so long in getting definitive information on the MP, I bought the Exemplar which allowed me to use my Exemplar dac.
I agree the site is poorly done. Lots of info in a mish mash.You really can't navigate to what you want. Who would think that the only place to see the price would be under "contact us" and it requires a scroll all the way down to the product picture. The site like Mmitch made finding the price a hunt indeed! Mmitch could have just posted the price. No big deal, just a comment.


What is shown as the price is the transport only. This seems to be all that they have at this time. although there has been much discussion about the 32 bit tube dac. I really would have liked to hear this unit but never could, nor do I know whether the transport only is superior to the two servers I heard at CES. The Memory Player has been a frustrating piece since I first read Clement Perry's rave review and only later discovered that it was a transport only.