any thoughts on mcintosh ps112 subwoofer?

can anybody tell me how well this sub works in home theater?i know it is musical but does it have guts? what else you compared it to and why. is two subs better than one? is there another one i should consider? thanks to all that respond.
I am a Mac dealer so I am somewhat biased - but personally I think this is one of the most underrated, underappreciated subs around. I think it is absolutely superb. Pricey, yes, but superb nonetheless. It is probably the most distortion free subwoofer I have encountered. The drivers are extremely well damped and very well controlled but the sub is capable of very deep bass, and very musical sound. It is not a thumper. Some folks will be disappointed because it doesn't sound like it's shaking the paint off the walls. But the bass is true not muddy and not mid-bass, meat slapping, or synthetic. I have also been very pleased with stereo configurations whereby we use two of these subs in a system.
I just purchased one. It's very fast and dynamic. I just watched "Open Range" with Kevin Costner. Boy, the shots are ballsitic with this sub and like cannon shots. It's extremely clean sounding with no over-hang. However, my room is 25 by 17 with 9 foot ceiling and I believe I will need two. For music one would probabely be enough but for movies I will need two. I'll just have to buy a second one because I'm in love with the quality of the bass and just want more of the same. I called my wife in the room to see it after I had it unpacked and set-up. Her response, " Oh, it's so cute!" I'll take that! Asked rather she'd rather have a single black sub that could deliver as much punch as two of these,"No, this one looks so good, I'd rather you just spend the money and buy two if you need more sound." Now that's what I'm talking bout!