Any suggestions for a really good 2 or 3 channel amp 1k

Anyone heard of the Counterpoint SA-100?
I saw this amp on a classified. I have home-made 3-ways (JM Labs Utopia 33Wx + PHL 1120 + Raven R2.1)
I also might think of an electrocompaniet aw 100
The electroacompaniet has been well reviewed on this site. You might also think about McCormack DNA 0.5 dlx which would be under your budget (should be able to get for about $7-800)
If you're considering used, then I'd look at the Bryston 3B-ST(125 W), Monarchy SE-100 Deluxe(100 W), and Belles 150A Hot Rod(125 W). All three of these amps handle difficult loads extremely well, double output as impedence goes down, and have a clean, balanced, non-fatiguing sound.

If you are patient, all three can be found for $1,000 or less here on Audiogon.
I don't think that either the Belles or the Bryston "double down" whereas the Monarchy Deluxe's do. Finding the Monarchy's for below $1000 is a RARE occurance although i too have seen them pop up for that or slightly less. The McCormack is also a good suggestion in terms of sonics. Another very reasonably priced amp that sounds quite good is the Forte' 4 or 4A. 50 wpc @ 8 / 100 wpc @ 4 and biased Class A. Well under your $1K limit as they can be found in the high $4's and $500 range. If you need more power, try a Forte' 6 or 6A. Like anything else though, all of these suggestions are dependent on personal tastes and system synergy. Good luck... Sean