Any opinions on Black Ice F11 integrated amp?

I just purchased a pair of Klipsch RP 600M speakers and am looking for an integrated to go with them. Wanted to get impressions from anyone that has listened to the F11. I will be using the system in a small to medium size room.

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I owned the previous model the Jolida 1102 integrated EL 84 amp.  It was my first tube amp and I really enjoyed its sound.  Performed well over it’s price.  Rolling tubes and adding SR orange fuse made a big difference.  The new Black Ice amp line looks even better with Fozgate designs but I have not heard them.  I would consider the f22 as well. It would give you more of everything with the step up EL 34 output tubes.  They have great customer service and very helpful in your selection and educating you on their product line.  Not just salesman.  I have talked to the CEO Jerred he frequently answers the CS line himself.  Others are great as well.  Good luck with your selection!

+1 on F22

After helping a few folks with Jolida integrated amps, upgrades, then recommended the Black Ice Audio F22 to a buddy to use with his Klipsch RP-600M speakers. He liked the F22 so much, he then decided to move from the RP-600Ms up to nicer floorstanders. The BIA integrated amps sound even nicer with upgraded input/output tubes.  KT77s working well so far in the F22.  

@pal something else to look at while awaiting other member feedback,  fwiw.  

F11 review and video by Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac

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Black Ice F11 integrated amp: INTELLIGENT AUDIO