Any one know why my oppo 981 sounds muddy on dvds

When I play cd's Ive been very satisfied, however I played a dvd and it seems kinda muddy, the dialoge is extra quiet and muffeled and theres a over tone of base that tends to feel very fatigueing by the end of the movie. I had a marantz player before and although it doesent perform as well on cd playback as the oppo, its not fatiging to watch a dvd on it. I just wanted to know if anyone else felt this way
How do you have it connected to your system? Are you using analog interconnects from the Oppo to you receiver/pre-amp? Are you using a digital connection (optical, coax or HDMI) from your Oppo to receiver/processor?

Based on your description of the sound, I'm guessing you are getting correct sound from CD, but for DVD I think you are only getting the discreet L&R front channels of sound and you are missing the discrete sound that is intended for the center channel/surrounds.

This could just be a setup problem. Go into the Oppo and set the sound to "stereo or PCM", especially if you are only using 2 speakers in your setup. If you are currently set up for dolby digital output, but only have 2 channels of amp/speakers, you may just be missing the sound intended for the center channel and surrounds.


Which is being used,the stereo outputs or the analog 5.1?