Any one into IQ

I have been listening to some samples and I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions. I'm looking for the more progressive stuff(Genesis,Marillion sound) not their mainstream songs. Thanks.
Nomzamo is pretty good, but The Wake is better. There really isn't much more from them in the early years. Marillion offers much more.

I'm still trying to get me hands on Ozric Tentacles. I've only found it on ebay in the UK. It usually commands $30-40 USD per copy on vinyl.
I listened to The Wake today and I really liked it. They go from Peter Gabrial influenced genesis and Phil Collins influenced genesis seamlessly but they impart their own thumbprint on the sound.It also sounds like Marillion too after Fish left. Dan, Ozric Tentacle re masters on CD sound damn good. On cd the vocals is where the cd medium gives up the ghost imo and Ozric Tentacles has no vocals.
You can find them on ebay and Amazon at close out prices. There are even 2fers for the price of one CD's. My favorites are Erpland,Srangeitude and Swirly Termination.
Thanks for the tip, Qdrone. I've been holding out for OT on vinyl but I really should bolster my ceedee collection.

Yeah, Fish really brought a different sound to Marillion. But there is great music from them both with and without Fish.
Yup.listening to the Marbles cd right now,this was Marillion's comeback album as far as i'm concerned. You can crank this sucker as loud as you want and the sound is deep and extended it is the reason we are into this hobby of replicating music as it was meant to be heard.