Any one here using the Bel Canto EVo 200.4 amp and or PRe1 ?

Please share with me your user experience with either or both of these components. Based on reviews these look like my next upgrade. No dealers even close to my area, so no inhome audition. Do you use the 200.4 as biamp or bridged power? What interconnects , power cords speaker wires have sounded good with these components? What speakers are you using and how big is your room? Please help. These look so promising, but only an owner would know for sure. Thanks!
I've gone through several preamps and I now have a Bel Canto PRe1 purchased here on AudioGon. I believe it will be in my system for many years. It replaces a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 and I couldn't be more please with the sound. Very detailed and yet not harsh. I am using Silver Lace XLR ICs to a Bryston LR crossover to two Anthem MCA2s through Audio Analysis Oval 9s to Maggies 3.6Rs. The PRe1 made a major difference, spelled improvement, in the overall sound. I conduct an orchestra and other vocal and instrumental groups and know the sound of "real" live music. I am very satisfied with the setup I have but would like to upgrade the amplifiers in the near future. I believe the Bel Canto Pre1 to be one of the BEST; a real sleeper. Happy listening!
Thanks jwc37,
The SF line 2 would have been my other choice for a preamp to smooth the EVo out if necessary. How did the bass compare?