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Looking for some cheaper Speaker Cables-$600 or so
I second the Clear Day double runs biwire. In my system they are the best sounding cables I have ever heard! 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Tommy Flanagan 
ARC LS17 vs Aesthesix Calypso
I have owned both and I have kept the Calypso. For me there is no contest. I just do not think ARC has got it right with the LS17. I have been an ARC owner from the '70s but the Calypso is a keeper. I also recommend the Io phono preamp from Aesthe... 
Poll.....what size is your room?
I built a dedicated music studio onto my home which is 19'X 29' with 10' walls rising to 14' cathedral ceiling. 
Anyone used mini tnt feet on Scoutmaster
I have the same problem as stated by Oscar44. I have an Aries Extended and the feet to not thread into the bottom. I emailed VPI when I first bought them and was told that they would have a "fix" soon?! but I have never heard back from them nor ha... 
VPI new Super Feet for Scout/Scoutmaster/Aries
I bought them but they do not fit my Aries Extended TT. I was told they would send an adapter but I am still waiting. I have taken off the cones and have placed the Super Feet where the cones were. Works for now but I am sure I am not alone in nee... 
How's your music library?
My collection consists or approximtely 4,000+ LPs and 2,000 CDs. I started in the early 60s typing on 3x5s information about every piece on each record and CD. Each card is filed alphabetically by composer and in some cases I have created files fo... 
Soundproofing Doors at Home Depot
Another vote for an exterior door. I bought one with a small double-pane window so that one may see to the other side which was an important consideration for my wife. It is best solution I have found. Caulk well as mentioned above. 
Good Matching Preamp with Pass Labs X350
I have used two preamps that worked very well with my X250 - The BAT VK31SE and the Jeff Rowland Concerto. I now own the Jeff Rowland and prefer it to the BAT but I cannot fault the tube preamp. The solid state Jeff Rowland is an excellent preamp ... 
musical drummers...who are they ???
Joe Morello with the Dave Brubeck Quartet. One of his best solos is on the longer version of "Take 5". Truly marvelous performance as he plays the melody et al on the set. 
Need a Recommendation for Classical Cello...
Jacqueline DuPre playing any work for cello is a MUST! Many CDs available featuring this one-of-a-kind musician. 
Testicle Tumor
Foxtrot, In 1980 I went to my doctor who sent me to a urologist. Dr Naga said that the testicle would have to come off and that he was 90% sure it was a cancerous tumor. He said he could operate on Friday, it was then late Monday. I hesitated but ... 
Favorite Lesser Known Sax Players
One of my favorites over the last 50 years is Lennie Niehaus. Made some excellent recordings for Contemporary Records in the 50s which have been released on CDs. Lennie lead small groups and spent some time as the Alto Saxophone lead with Stan Ken... 
Best way to ship small value items--US to Canada??
I live on the Quebec border in Northern Vermont and USPS is the best way to ship to Canada. Too much paper work with either FedEx or UPS. And, as stated above, the postal crew is very helpful with forms and information. 
Getting into Opera... need advice
CHANDOS Records (CDs) has an excellent series of operas sung in English. The recordings are of good quality and one can understand the plot as it develops. I recently purchased their recording of Wozzeck by Alban Berg and found it quite acceptable...