Any McIntosh C46 users??

Hello! I am considering this preamp to upgrade from my trusty little McIntosh C712. One of the main reasons is for the equalizer because I have been doing in-room response measurements that have brought some room issues to my attention. I have the TAS review of it but they left out one of the equalizer values. They listed 7 when there should be 8 and I see a hole between 70Hz and 300Hz which I suspect is the missing value. Can anyone read it off your preamp? That is the zone that needs correction and I am estimating the preamp's potential effectiveness.

Also any opinions about its sound is appreciated. Comparisons with other preamps are most helpful for me.

The you're referring to is 150 hz.As far as comparing the two preamps.The C46 even without the Eq.feature is sonically far superior to the C15.One of the main reasons is it's fully balanced,and best used with balanced cables.Mine is used with a MC352 power amp,and they are both keepers.A C42 is an identical unit except fpr the display and bulb type back lighting.Find a used one and save some money.Mac amps offer a great combo.
Dennis is correct on the missing EQ at 150 Hz. I had the C42 and it is not a fully balanced Pre nor is the C46, but I do like the volume control on both. They are better than the 712 or 15 and I think one of the main reasons they sound better. Good Luck.
I definately agree the C46 will sound much better than the C712. I auditioned a C46 with a Mc402 and was overwhelmed with a desire to buy them. The sound was as refined as I have ever heard it. I have a MC7200 running balanced and like it very much but eventually a MC402 will come in the picture. I should have said the EQ would be a bonus and with a pot at 150, it will mostly correct one of my problems too. Thanks! Arthur
The C46 and C42 are essentially the same?
According to McIntosh, the C46 is very different than the C42. I didn't get specific details but they got the message across that they aren't the same despite similar front faces. Arthur
Mac (Ron) is great for telling almost nothing in e-mail replies!