Any JC-1 owners use the 2nd set of spkr terminals?

Recently noticed that the Parasound JC-1 has a second set of speaker terminals to allow for bi-wire. Have any owners tried using this and obtained positive results?

I'm also curious if any owners have had the chance to compare the two terminal bi-wire setup to using a single terminal but running bi-wiring off of it?

Allowing for the fact that using two terminals would allow for a true bi-wire setup (as opposed to the speaker wires that are simply split at the speaker end), I'm guessing that differences would be minimal?
You should be able to get a more convenient/solid connection with two sets of binding posts. I have never heard anyone claim that this produced a better sound . . .
Have to agree with convenience of not having to jam two cables under each post and I would also think ( just a guess ) that the signal with using two posts ( vs one ) would be a more pure signal..I have done both and much prefer using the two post set up..Another positive with two post is you can mix Bananna plugs and spades and bare wire,with different cables..Just works better all around.
Hi E30m3, I am using both sets of terminals on my JC-1s for by-wire having one set on each amp connected to the mid and tweeter and the second set connected to the bass for that channel. Also I have a pair of sub woofers and each one is connected to the bass terminal of it's respective speaker via Banana plugs. It all sounds wonderful.
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