Any impressions of CHORD or Mytek DACs?

Was wondering if any owners of Chord QuteHD or Mytek Stereo 192/DSD/DAC Dac's could give me some feedback on how these perform?
I received my MCRU supply a few days ago and it wasn't doing so well and the Chord actually stopped working (lights were on but nobody home). I finally figured out the problem: it doesn't much like being on my Monster power conditioner! I guess that makes sense. Makes me wonder what other components of mine are running at less than optimum strength on that thing.

Plugged directly into the wall, it now sings beautifully :)
Get rid of the Monster
I have had my QuteHD for a couple of weeks and am thrilled with it. Wipes the floor with my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. Ordered a fully loaded MCRUs PSU and looking forward to hearing the difference.

I'm running a DSPeaker antimode dual core in digital pass through mode into the QuteHD. The DSP has made an enormous improvement to my system in sorting out the room anomolies. This is a great device and works gorgeously with the Chord. I also run my Turntable/phono stage into the DSPeaker and the Analogue to digital conversion is very good and the DSP benefits outweigh any slight loss in transparency because of the extra processing. The Chord really has a key role in my system and who would have thought that a DAC could be used to great effect to improve the sound of vinyl as well as digital sources!

Also, I ordered a PSU from Paul Hynes in Sept last year with full payment upfront. Still waiting ....and he refuses to answer emails and won't take phone calls.