Any good integrated amps with a sub out

I do not want to have to purchase an external crossover and the way my speaker wire runs in the wall I can not really use the crossover on the sub (and do not want to).

I rather have the crossover where it should be, either in or next to the source.

2 channel stereo, BTW

I feel your pain. Bass management is a thorny issue.

Many integrateds have line level pre-outs but they, as you probably know, contain a full-range signal.

Unless you're into surround sound receivers (which have bass management capabilities built-in), then I think your only recourse is an external crossover. There are good ones available .... the Paradigm X-30 gets good press around here.

Have you thought of seperate pre- and power amps? You could place a crossover between them.
My ARC CA-50 has a sub out.
My Nad c370 has a sub out. The Manley Stingray can be ordered with one for an extra $100.00
What do monitor speakers do with the extra bass. Do they just discard the extra information or do they distort the low end trying to simulate the bass?

If I used the preout on the unit to feed the sub (using the subs crossover), and the speaker outs to the monitor, would that work.

And if it would, I would still have the problem of left or right pre out to the sub, hmmm.