Any good Euopean Jazz Guides/Dicographies???

Howdy.wondering if any of you conniseurs out there might be able to help me out.I am pretty informed and stocked with most american jazz forms from Rag to the brake-up of Coltranes Classic Quartet.I don't agree with Marsalis on much but I don't think there was much INOVATION after that.What I am particularly interested in now is the group of europeans and american expartriots who,eschewing atonal free jazz and fusion refined American hard bob in the Euro post bop scene of the late 60's and 70's.The Nucleus of this scene was the Kenny Clark/Francy Bolland Big Band and incuded such stallwarts as Sihab Shihab,Nathan Davis,Jimmy Woode et al.In any case I would love to find a discography.Right now I to I have built (and pared down by 1/4) about 2K CD's and 3K Lp's worth of material but as time goes on it's finding the quality obscure LP I didn't know existed or trying to be a completist with a few select artists which is driving me crazy since my references have been the wonderfull All Music Guide to Jazz.It's wonderfull overall reference.But what I dream about would be a book which would aproximate the Goldmine Guide to Collectible Jazz whic would list artists on the Continent and give each of their LP's.If you've read this until k=now and can help I think you know what I mean.But to anybody who doesen't have the ALL Music Guide Too Jazz-Pic it up.Even if you are a casual jazz fan.At fifteen buck a pop a CD is expensive and this is thebest guide out there.T It also has Music Maps to see how id best on what insrument or best for what era.Has "building a collection" list,a brief hiostory of Jazz.It's ther best.There web site is great though it just chenged and I have to egt used to it.But I need a specific european discography book or web site.Any help apprecieated
I'll have a check when I get home as I have the Penguin Guide To Jazz,it's a weighty tome written by Brits and with ratings for recordings,I'm not at all familar with the artists you mention but I'll check what coverage is there and how detailed it is.
I should have pointed out it's a CD guide.
I was say at a rough guess reading what you've written above any novice Jazz fan or even serious Jazz fan will find this book essential as a guide for CD purchases and a decent musical guide.
It runs to 1600 pages of pretty small print with a massive index.
All the CD's are rated and I quickly checked some of the names you mention most are cross referenced in the index to a large extent,a couple with career summaries and obviously reviews.

It doesn't actually fit your specific criteria but in the spirit of what you've written this may be worthwhile to yourself and others.

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