Any experience with an Oracle CD-1000 transport?

I had a chance to see and listen to an Oracle CD-1000 transport just before Christmas... damn, that's a beautiful piece of hardware. In the system I listened to (Usher Be20s, Oracle DAC & Butler Monads), it sounded amazing but truthfully, it's difficult to tell just how good a CD player/transport is in someone else's system - particularly one as high-end as that.

I was wondering if anyone has any good or bad experience with the CD-1000 (or it's CD player equivalent, the CD-1500). The only review I could find was from 6moons which was glowing but all too brief.
I was not too impressed with the CD-1500 when I gave it a listen at a friends house...It did not sound as good as his heavily modified Sony SCD-1. To me it sounded dull and lifeless and did not have the soundstage depth and presence that his other unit had. Just my opinion...and his too. He was writing a review that should be being published some time soon on the internet.