any compatibility opinions on Nuforce amps with No

I have lots of Nordost cables and was hoping they would be sympatico wih the Nuforce amps. Any input much appreciated!
Well, as I recall, Nordost cables lean a little to the bright side of neutral. This is not bad in itself, but the NuForce amps are very extended and linear in the high frequencies, so it sounds like the combination could wind up sounding bright.

Of course there are other factors that tend to tame the brightness a bit such as using a tube preamp, or using copper-based power cords on the NuForce and some of the other gear, etc. Since I don't know what the rest of your equipment is (or even which Nordost cables you're referring to) I can't reliably predict what your final results will be, but hopefully the above comments will help.
Cirrus, I think it would depend on your other gear. I do not own Nordost cables but have read a lot about them and from what I can tell they are very revealing. If you have a great front end then I dont think there would be a problem. Nuforce will let you demo the amps and I would go for the 9.02's or SE's. Plato is right, you could tame the brightness with other components. I have an upgraded Denon 2900 now with all silver cabling from the Upgrade company on 9.02's and the sound is rich and open. I am going to try Nuforces p8 pre/amp next because I have heard nothing but positive results on that component. Keep us informed if you demo the Nuforce amps with the Nordost cables.
I have owned both Nordost and Nuforce and doubt the combo would be ideal. When I had the Nordost cables I was always saying to myself 'wow these cables don't put a foot wrong'. But I also found that I became less interested in my system and in music while I had them. It was like something was missing. I have almost a similar reaction to the Nuforce, but much much less so. I am using Jena Symphony cables with the Nuforce and this combo works well. I feel the Nuforce with Nordost would not be bright, but would just be a bit emotionally lacking. I agree however that the right source or preamp might arrest the situation. But I think you get my meaning.
Redwiki, i like your posts on nuforce. In an earlier post I said I liked the copper cables with these amps but then I bought an upgraded Denon 2900 and that made the mid bass shine. It was a bigger improvement than the Nuforce themselves. I went back to the all silver wires and everyhting just really opened up. David Schulte of the Upgrade Company can turn a mediocre unit into magic. I am waiting for a Nuforce p8 pre now.
I have owned Nordost Interconnects and speaker cables, the Speaker cable side of it should be fine, but ALWAYS the interconnects picked up lots of noise ran by the components, and from what I have been hearing about isolation and RF problems in the digital amps and the Nuforce even interfering with peopls Tuner's you might have an issue with hum using Nordost interconnects cause they don't block Nothin in my experiance, but speaker cables do not pick up the noise from my use in the nordost line of product...
Jp1208, I am waiting for my amps back from David. The P8 is really nice. I don't quite know how to describe its sound but whenever a recording has real ambient information I find I am in that space, like never before. It is a huge bargain.
Redkiwi, what amps did you send him? When I get the Nuforce p8 I am sending it to David to have some work done to it. Can't wait! I have an Arcam AV-8 and was told by someone else that had the Arcam and went two channel that the p8 was leagues above the Arcam and that I will be blown away by the difference. He said with the Nuforce amps and pre the sound is more live than he has ever heard. The staging and resolution I am getting now is very good so we will see how much difference the P8 makes. Is your P8 upgraded?
David provided me with upgraded Ref 9.02, and they are only just starting to sound nice after some horrible sound during the burn in process. I plan to compare then with an unmodded pair soon. I haven't done the P8 but it is next on my list.
Jp. The amps are still burning in but I have tried some almost identically designed copper ICs and silver ICs and the silver ICs do appear to be superior with these amps. There are differences that are just differences, but the extra expressiveness in the mids with the silver ICs is very noticeable.
Redkiwi, are you leaving the p8 and ref 9's on all the time? Do you have the units plugged directly into the wall?
This is a must do! I have a silver/copper balanced ic from p8 to amps. I will a/b test soon on all silver to silver/copper ic's. I have all silver for speaker wire right now and plan to play with some silver/copper mix on those also. I have a feeling the silver/copper is the way to go at least on speaker wire. Nuforce's sound is just as transparent as can be. The sound is much more life like and with Schulte's upgraded cdp's you get a great combination. Schulte's upgraded cdp's are excellent with hi end associated equipment, this is the arena where his stuff shines. As you know a cdp is only as good as its weakest link. Send me an email if you would like.
Redkiwi, the p8 after upgrades adds about 25% more performance. Bigger staging and a little more transparent.