any comments on the Yamaha CT 7000

Anyone familiar with this tuner and if so your thoughts? Thanks, Steve
The Yamaha CT7000 is a "Classic" tuner. One of the best from the mid seventies. A good friend has owned this tuner from about 1978. It remains excellent even by current standards.
It is one of the great analog tuners. Not the best--the Mac 78 and 80, and of course the big Marantz win that game. I also prefer the current MD 102 and 108, though so pricey! And the Day Sequerra is probably the best tuner ever made, though it has a reputation for poor reliability.

I think the best platitude would be, the Yamaha 7000 is the best Japanese tuner ever made. IMO of course. The original Accuphase T100 actually sounds better than the Yamaha (the Accuphase sounds very similar to the Mac in fact), but the Yamaha is a much better tuner than the Accuphase in terms of both sensitivity and selectivity.

For the market prices, I'd look for a Mac 80 over the Yamaha, but that's just me. The 7000 is a very nice tuner.
Now I will open a kettle of fish. I think the luxman T-117 Is the best sounding japanese tuner, not the equal of the Yamaha in selectivity or the other tuner perameters only better sounding and by a big margin , in my experience.