Any comments on Harmonix HS 101 spker cables?

I am trying out the Harmonix HS 101 spker cables, only for a few weeks, ... have any of your tried it, and any comments or advice? Thanks in advance.
I have the Studio Masters and their High Performance ICs, and can only imagine the same with their cables: Incredible. Though too costly for me..You are talking about their top of the line cables that is? I think they only have one kind, as of my last glance at their website. If you are listening to the cables and have to post because you are not confident about what you're hearing?-- return them. These cables from everyone I know who has them: it should be a no brainer. What are your impressions?
Firstly, thank you for your comment. I am not sure at this point, maybe the cables aren't quite warm up yet... the soundstage seemed a little constraint (compare to what I used before -Groneberg Quattro Reference(German cable), and slightly slow too. The fact is, I also changed the interconnect from MIT to Siltech within the same week... so, it maybe attributes from that too... to be fair, I really should do AB test separately...

Anyhow, that is my inital feeling so far... BTW, do you know of any previous reviews on these cables? Like you said, they are not cheap, a little beyond my price range..and that's why I am hoping to get as much information as possible, aside from my own listening, beefore I make any decision. Thanks again for your comments.

there are some information about these cable that you can look up in by Jules Colemen under " the sound of Reimyo". or you contact wendy ( audiogon user name is twopipis).i think you would appreciated the cable more if certain kind of music you listen to( female vocal).i had my about 8 months after read wendy audio system.

Thanks for your info. I will check that site tonight (when I get out from work). Funny you should say that about (female vocal). That was the exact recommendation I got from the store, and also because that is one of the things I enjoy listening the most...certainly interesting. I did have a look through the thread you mention (Wendy), but her's a much more expensive line of the cables...not sure if that's fair to compare, but maybe I will drop her an email and ask her for any comments.