Any Comments On Bright Star's Isonodes?

I'm thinking of purchasing these isolation devices and was wondering how they compare to the likes of Vibrapods and other similar isolation devices.
I have both vibrapods and Isonodes, I prefer the Isonodes. I just feel they do a better job, acting like sponges to obsorb vibrations. I have them under the glass platform supporting my Sunfire Theater Grand 3 processor and I like the way their squishyness flattens out like the rubber grommet on a shock absorber. Isonodes also won`t leave marks on your rack shelves like Vibrapods will. Regards, Robin
I have both Isonodes on a BrightStar platform and Vibrapods for other stuff.

The Isonodes tend to stick tightly to certain surfaces, making them hard to adjust the position of the equipment without having them pull loose from their mounting. But this is a minor nuisance once you understand how to handle them.

The biggest difference between them and the Vibrapods, and a REALLY big issue for me, is what Satfrat said - the Vib's leave aweful marks on any surface they touch. I used them to support a center channel speaker on top of my big Sony TV, and they got stuck there and left ring-shaped marks on a textured plastic TV cabinet that I doubt I can now remove.