Any CDP with digitial INPUT to be used as DAC?

Hello. I am curious as to if there exists a CD players that offer a digital input such that it could be used as an external DAC for another CDP at times, say hooked to a big CD jukebox for use in casual listening? I would be looking for anything under a grand on the used market, the further under the better, if possible, and sonically equal to or, ideally, superior to a MSB Nelson Link Dac w/upsampling. Would it be possible to modify an existing CDP to run with a digital input to that end? Thanks for any insight!
the resolution audio opus 21 does exactly that, and will accept any pcm stream up to 24/96. plus, it's one of the finest cd players available in the world, imho. better than both the naim cdx w/ xps power supply and the linn ikemi for sure, and it costs less. may be a bit out of your price range, and you won't find it used. there are no dealers for it, you'll have to order it directly form the manufacturer, but he'll let you demo it in your house for a month. check out and no, i don't work for them, i'm just a convert to their brilliant product.
Sim Audio Moon Eclipse... Digital IN and OUT via BNC connectors... It's a great CD Player....
audio aero capitole ... and its one of the best players in the world too!
The Denon 5000 does, but it's a dvd player
The Krell 30i.
One of the Best in the world. Built in Passive volume as an option as well.
Both Cary and Accuphase make world class players that provide the options you require.